Outdoor Landscaping

In collaboration with Bruno OIZAN-CHAPON, Décors Nature offers exterior landscaping services combining natural, semi-artificial and replica plants that are specifically aimed to resist weather conditions.

We will take into account your outdoor environment, and suit all your desires and requirements.

Indoor Floral Design

Through a unique preservation process custom-adapted to every variety, we offer plants that are preserved over time thanks to sap replacement.

Preserved plants are completely maintenance-free.

Replica Plants, Trees &Hedge Plantings

To enhance your home or office, we offer a wide range of solutions adapted to your indoor or outdoor environment:

Natural plants preserved over time, semi-artificial plants, indoor replica plants...

Artwork Inspired by Nature

Designer Geneviève MATHIEU, who is also an artisan registered with the Craftsmanship Chamber of Val d’Oise, creates plant sculptures, plant paintings...
Together with Barbara BILLOUD, they design fairy trees.
Drawing inspiration from herself...or from you...